capotex capobig


Cover with extra size The new large dimensions cover provides a belt that is completely closed off from the exterior. Covers the belt conveyor letting plenty of space for maintenance, or to cover structures that are specially big.

More space and security The CAPOBIG design provides a great protection and space, maximizing security and minimizing machinery wear. The huge size of this protection make it ideal for large engineering and mining projects, where is necessary to cover a great extension of machinery.

CAPOBIG have an incredible fast assembly. CAPOTEX fixing system provides a quick, safe, and easy installation.

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Great resistance The original design of the contact surface over the cover and the material combination makes from this covering one of the most resilient protections in the market, offering a great durability and highly minimazing the enviromental sputtering.

Simple replacement: Patented mounting track system results in simple installation and subsequent skirt rubber replacement.

Self-supporting: This system does not require any additional structure for skirt support.

Camouflage Possibility to modify the tones and colors to adapt them to the enviroment, allowing to hide and camouflage the installation.

Belt access: In keeping with the philosophy of all CAPOTEX products, belt access is a priority. The cover opens completely, thus permitting adequate equipment maintenance to be carried out.

  • More space
  • Minimum belt wear.
  • Fully sealed with the belt and cover.
  • Total access to the interior.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to replace.
  • Available in various materials according to requirements.
  • Available in various tones according to the enviroment.

Adaptable to any size and shape of conveyor belt.

Available for any of our models, materials and colors.