capotex caponoise


Acoustic Insulation Cover. Reduces the noise made by the belt conveyor.

Specialy usefull for populated areas and natural parks.

The best materials. The wall contains thousands of small holes to allow the sound waves cross through it, avoiding noise amplification by bounce effect. The middle layer contains the noise absorbing material, the thickness depends on the amount of noise emitted and the reduction required for the conveyor. The external protection prevents the sound to come out while covering the inside of the belt from the rain, the wind and the sun. The system also provides a completely safe installation against the risks and dangers related to belt conveyor machinery.

Options. This system can be modified to provide an easy access to the belt, as well as the possibility to completely closing the lower side of the belt conveyor in the case it is elevated from the ground.

Adaptable: For any size and any belt conveyor.

Avaliable in all of our colors and materials.

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