capotex caposkirt


  • Complete closure.
  • Automatic adaptation.
  • Replaceble.

Cover with integrated skirt: The novel cover + skirt create a belt that is completely closed off from the exterior. It is obtained in an economic fashion that prevents absolutely all material from falling off the conveyor belt.

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It automatically adapts to the belt: The CAPOSKIRT design enables the skirt to adapt perfectly to any zone of the conveyor belt, even when not correctly tensioned. This occurs because of the flexibility of the actual skirt that is supported flat on the belt and the simple damping system invented by CAPOTEX, which instantly adapts to any change in the belt. It does not require adjusting, CAPOSKIRT does this automatically. However, this is achieved applying minimum pressure to prevent belt wear.

Reintroduction of material into the belt: The original design of the contact surface on the band forces any material trapped between the skirt and the belt to return to the centre of the belt. This prevents the material from falling and belt wear.

Simple replacement: Patented mounting track system results in simple installation and subsequent skirt rubber replacement.

Self-supporting: This system does not require any additional structure for skirt support.

Self-cleaning: Grooves trap spillage allowing it to be carried away by the belt.

Belt access: In keeping with the philosophy of all CAPOTEX products, belt access is a priority. The cover opens completely, thus permitting adequate equipment maintenance to be carried out.

  • Auto-adaptable to belt movement.
  • Minimum belt wear.
  • Fully sealed with the belt and cover.
  • Total access to the interior.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to replace.
  • Available in various materials according to requirements.
  • Available in various sizes according to the belt.

Adaptable to any size and shape of conveyor belt.

Available for any of our models, materials and colors.