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Conveyor covers designed manufactured for each project

Conveyor covers designed and manufactured for each project

Why Capotex?

What do we do?

We design and manufacture covers for belt conveyors since 1993. We offer the widest range of materials, accessories and solutions on the market.

Why cover?

Covering belt conveyors reduces environmental impact, workplace accidents, and protects equipment and materials.

For a cleaner planet

Belt conveyor covers prevent dust emission. Sustainable covers for a cleaner planet.

Latest milestones

We have just completed the largest project in Brazil which involved covering over 6.5 kilometers using our Madrid Classic model in ZM300.

During 2023 we will deliver our largest project in the history of Capotex. It will be in the USA and we will supply more than 100 kilometres of our Capoarc model in galvanised steel.
Committed to the environment, we have just installed solar energy at our factory in Valladolid, which will significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Capotex World Installations more than 1400 km covered around the world

Belt conveyor covers. World leaders.

Our experience, advanced engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities have been key factors in achieving the most challenging projects.