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How Capotex contributes to the sustainability of mining operations

January 11, 2017
How Capotex contributes to the sustainability of mining operations

Covering a conveyor belt may seem like an innocuous decision. Often it’s considered that the covers are elements that only complicate and make the facilities more expensive. However they are of great importance.

First, covered belt conveyors will contribute to reduce accidents among the workers. Accidents from falling from high belts during maintenance, from falling materials from the belt or from dragging or entrapment are more frequent than would be desirable, and are easily avoidable by providing the belt with a suitable cover.

Secondly, with covered belt conveyors we will be improving the health of the workers and the population close to the exploitation, because the covers avoid the emission of dust of the materials transported and their dispersion by the wind, thus guaranteeing the cleaning of the air in the fields and among population close to mines and industries, while causing fewer material depletion for companies.

If these reasons were not enough, covering the conveyor belts also has a very positive economic effect for the mining companies. To the aforementioned of avoiding losses in the transport of materials, we add the reduction in maintenance and replacement costs of the belts, which will be not affected by the weather agents (sun, rain, snow, wind …). In addition, there is also energy saving by avoiding transporting and processing wet materials, thus heavier, that cause higer energy consumption and wear of the belt motors, furnaces and mills to which the load is destined.

Covering the conveyors is a decision that only brings advantages, it’s cost effective and is a suitable solution to any installation. At Capotex we have designed, manufactured and marketed conveyor belts for the mining and recycling industry worldwide for 20 years.

The reduction of particles in air, CO2 consumption and occupational hazards are the raison d’être of Capotex.