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We test the corrosion resistance of our locks

July 6, 2017

In order to guarantee the best materials in our belt conveyor covers to our customers, our locks have a special Dracomet treatment that makes them more resistant to corrosion than normal steel.  To verify, we have submitted our parts to a resistance corrosion test according to the standard UNE-EN ISO 9227: 2012 NSS

The test, carried out by Labencor accredited laboratory in Vitoria, Spain. It consists of introducing the pieces in a neutral salt spray chamber during 600 hours. They were then rinsed in clean running water and dried with a stream of air to study the effect caused by the test. The results have been that no red rust remains on the samples tested after 600 hours in the salt chamber.

Low quality materials are more susceptible to corrosion, causing maintenance costs and incidents that can be avoided using top quality materials. At Capotex we perform resistance tests of our materials periodically to guarantee the highest durability and the best performance of our covers for belt conveyors.