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Capotex brings the sustainability of conveyor belts to the 1st Mineral Transport Congress Peru

November 7, 2017
Capotex brings the sustainability of conveyor belts

Jorge Saura, Ceo of Capotex and Martin Schmidt, the company’s Account Director, presented a paper on the importance of covering conveyor belts in mines to improve environmental protection at the 1st Mineral Transport Congress in Lima, Peru.

 Covering conveyor belts reduces dust emissions, improving air quality around the mining site, improves occupational health and safety, as there is less chance of accidents in a covered conveyor belt, and also increases profitability, as these covered installations are more durable, avoid transport losses and are cheaper to maintain.

The mining industry’s growing concern for sustainability has a direct impact on the transport of minerals. In Chile the trend is to make it compulsory to cover all conveyor belts and in Peru, where the mining industry is of great importance for the national economy, this congress has been held, focusing on the reliability and maintenance of conveyor belts.

Capotex has a strong presence in Latin America, where it has a collaboration agreement with CBT (Conveyor Belt Technology). In Peru, it has covered the conveyor belts of numerous mining operations totalling more than 30 km, and is actively involved in the dissemination of sustainable practices in mining activity.