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Spain adopts the Canadian initiative “For Sustainable Mining”

March 14, 2018
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CONFEDEM (Spanish national confederation of mining and metallurgy employers) will integrate the Canadian TSM (Towards Sustainable Mining) standards, probably the world’s most demanding standards for sustainable mining, into its own GMMS (sustainable mining and metallurgical management) standards.

These standards include external verification of compliance and the establishment of an independent panel to verify the programme and cover aspects such as worker health and safety, biodiversity conservation, community impact, crisis management, energy use and greenhouse gas emission management.
Spain is the fifth national mining association to adopt the TSM initiative launched in 2004, joining Finland, Argentina, Botswana and the Philippines.

Capotex applauds this initiative which demonstrates that mining activity, so necessary for a developed society, can be carried out with the utmost attention to the health of workers, the population and the environment.