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Projects for belt conveyor covers

We present a selection of belt conveyor cover projects, organised by some of the countries where we have carried out installations.

Within each country, you can see the number of installations we have carried out in that country, the number of kilometres we have covered, the year in which we carried out the first installation, and a belt conveyor cover project.

More about our projects for belt conveyor covers

Initially, we have systematically organised our diverse range of projects according to their geographical location, specifically grouping them by country. It is pertinent to recognise that the exhaustive list presented here is not complete, as our operations have extended to more than 75 countries, each of which has seen the successful installation of a belt conveyor cover.

By delving into the particularities of each country profile, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview. This includes a detailed overview of all installations in the region, accompanied by essential parameters such as the total number of projects executed, the collective distance travelled in kilometres and the historical year in which we started the first installation of conveyor hoods in that particular country.

Finally, you will be able to view some of the most outstanding belt conveyor cover projects with their photographs and a description of the project.

Distribution channels for belt conveyor covers


Engineering companies

Direct customers

Finally, we also sell our belt conveyor covers to end customers.